Life Teen

Life Teen is a program focused on leading teens closer to Christ. We aim to educate the teens while helping them to grow closer to God.

We are the catechism class for Faith Level 8-11 and provide all necessary preparation for confirmation.

Our format is as follows:


  • We start the night off with a prayer and often a game.


  • A facilitator presents the teaching for the week, drawing from their own life experiences, the Catechism of the Catholic Church and most importantly the bible.


  • This is a time when teens split into groups of 8-10 along with a facilitator to discuss the matters arising in the proclaim to gain a deeper understanding of the content.


  • This is the final section of the Life Night where teens engage in guided prayer and reflection.

Hot Chocolate and go home

  • During winter we provide hot chocolate and bunny licks in summer. This is a time for teens to chat and also approach facilitators with questions or just tell us about their week.


Important Information

Parents are requested to please drop and collect their teen within in the church premises. Teens are not allowed out until parents are visible within the grounds.

Please bring along your own mug for hot chocolate/cup for juice in summer.


Our parish Youth Fun Day is happening very soon. This is a day for the young people of our parish to come together, have fun and grow as a parish.

Faith Level 4-7 group: This will start with mass and involve a rotation of team work games that might be messy, funny and exhausting; all at the same time!

Faith Level 8-10 group: The teens will be doing a mobile amazing race type event that involves challenges that will stretch you mentally and physically in their small groups. Please note that this will take the place of the Life Teen program of that Sunday and attendance will be taken. This will end with mass and prize giving.

Parents:  Parents/guardians will have to sign a physical consent form on the day and it is therefore mandatory that you are present to sign in your child. Families are also asked to come down from 13:00 – 14:00 to join us for a picnic. We are also looking for volunteers from the parish to assist with running games/challenges and with marshaling teens that are moving around. Your teen must be registered for this event to participate, no registration will be done on the day.

Cost: FREE!! For all those that register via the google form found here!


  The porn industry has taken over so much of our daily interactions, and has manipulated our ways of viewing the world. We see this in the way that individuals are being objectified everyday and how desensitized we have become to inappropriate content in movies and television shows. Porn addiction is a legitimate issue that many young people are facing, if you are one of these young people try downloading the VICTORY app and visiting for some secret cyber assistance. If you are looking for some more personal interaction remember that the Life Teen facilitator’s are very willing to have a chat and some tea if you need.