Father’s Weekly Message


The new year has begun with real pace, and we can all feel it.  Several things demand immediate attention, especially if they pertain to school.  Last minute arrangements  have to be made and we all hope that gradually everything will fall into place.

At Church we feel it, too, that we have to get our act together very fast.  Although anticipating what must be done, we still have to wait for parents and parishioners to come on board.  Fortunately, when it comes to registration of children for catechism classes, this is happening.

I realise around this time of the year what a complicated and large organisation a parish can be.  It is a daunting task to get all the groups and organisations under one hat.  The expectations run high, and the experiences of the previous year are not always helpful.  What do we do this year?

We return to our first source as far as planning is concerned.  It is really about re-capturing our vision for the parish:  Love in Action. It is our point of departure and for our thoughts and plans, it is our gathering point. Everything we do, plan and act out is about Love in Action. The purpose eventually is to inspire as many parishioners as possible to adopt it for their lives: Love in Action as the motivation for their lives. Jesus himself is the example of such Love in Action – he brought into every moment the compassion and mercy of the loving Father.

Many parishioners are no longer aware of our pastoral plan Love in Action.  Yet, they just have to open their eyes, and the banners and symbols are there for everyone to see. Countless announcements from the pulpit and in the newsletter remind us of the activities to implement Love in Action.  Even so, the only way to get used to the plan is to be part of it.  It means to join one or the other group.  In a group no one is alone. The togetherness is, in itself, a form of Love in Action. There are so many groups now involved in this pastoral plan, that it should be easy for someone to find something to do. Most people know that true involvement comes with being part of a community, which is trying to participate in the Love in Action plan.

This coming year is already full of activities related to the pastoral plan.  However, the only successful implementation of the plan is when a parishioner becomes a participant. The purpose of Love in Action is to create and be a community on the road to further development in Christ through the Holy Spirit.

Let us talk about, let us urge each other on to be active rather than on-looking. It is, after all, about our faith in Christ Jesus.

Fr Ivanhoe Allies (Bothasig)

January 17, 2020