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Items from the meeting between the WC Government and Faith Based Organisations on 17th July 2020

Further to the notice regarding funerals sent out on Monday 20th July 2020, I wish to inform you that the WC Government has called to rectify the situation as our directive reflects an error. It is not illegal to have the body in Church for a funeral; it is up to the undertaker. Whereas in the recent past it was mandatory for the undertaker to take the body into the place of worship now it is not. We wish to apologise for the incorrect communication and wish to recommend that those arranging funerals determine the undertaker’s position right at the start of the negotiations. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this matter and also for your collaboration during this difficult time of the pandemic.

Faith Based Leaders took a decision to show solidarity with all who have lost lives or loved ones during the pandemic. Wednesdays at 12:00 was the time chosen. All Catholics are requested to either light a candle or to observe a minute of prayerful silence. This could also be an opportunity to go back to the tradition of praying the Angelus. “And the word became flesh…” reminds us that Christ joined suffering humanity,

a. Those from low income households who need to develop some degree of self sustainability are free to collect seeds for gardens at their homes. These are available at the offices of the Department of Labour. This is available to anyone with a garden patch. Parish Priests/Administrators are requested to inform their parishioners about this.

b. There is also another project. Parish Priests can also have people in need registered as indigents at Municipal offices and seek assistance for the One Home One Garden Project. Municipal water may not be used for this project & explanations will be given on how to make gardening viable under these conditions. Please consult the WC Government webpageor use the following URLs:



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We trust that this information is helpful.

Bishop Sylvester David OMI VG: Archdiocese of Cape Town

Thank you to everyone for your support to the parish through prayers and finance at this difficult time.

Parishioners who normally contribute cash donations and pledges are encouraged to use electronic banking. Please quote your name or PG number as reference.

EFT payments can be made to:

Name: Standard Bank, Milnerton Bank

Account Name: Good Shepherd Catholic Church

Account Number: 272089745

Type of Account: Business Current Account


A request from Bishop Sylvester David OMI – Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Cape Town

On March 2020, our president declared South Africa in a State of National Disaster and a week later enforced the national lockdown in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has left many without an income, especially in the informal work sector.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has far reaching implications for many of us. We know that this situation is and that it will hit the pockets of many in our province and indeed in our Archdiocese. There will be an increase in the rate of unemployment resulting in many families and individuals not being able to meet their basic needs. One such basic need is to place food on the table. Already many go to bed on an empty stomach. 

As Church, which is you and I, we need to respond to the needs of the less fortunate at this time. The objective is to raise funds to be able to distribute a food parcel filled with enough food to feed a family of four for one week. Given the socio-economic conditions facing the marginalised in our country, these food parcels will provide much needed nourishment to those who otherwise find it difficult to survive.

The Archdiocese will make a contribution towards this project, but the involvement of all is essential as we provide the opportunity for your participation through the donation of the price of a food parcel. We are working to raise funds for the purchase, packing, and distributing of food parcels as soon as the lockdown has been lifted. Should the national lockdown be extended, as is expected, we will need to look at how we are able to respond during the new lockdown given the restriction of movement that this will imply.

I appeal to every parish to make funds available, to urge members of your community to make contributions towards the purchase of these food parcels. A donation of R250 funds one food parcel for a family. If you are able to support a family please make your donation to our Standard Bank account:


Standard Bank

Archdiocese of Cape Town Collections

Account Number:

Thibault Square

Branch code