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One Choice - Environment

We are really pumped to launch our new four part series for Life Teen this term called ONE!

In this program we will be focusing on what it means to be pro-life. A true pro-life lifestyle goes beyond babies and it requires the faithful to make consistent choices to recognize the dignity of all people, and treat all people, regardless of their circumstances, as people. This is the goal we would like to achieve with our teens at Life Teen this term, to encourage them to be pro-life in many forms. This series will unpack what the Catholic Church means when she says she is pro-life; during the course of this series we will discuss topics such as inherent human dignity, euthanasia, the death penalty, abortion, immigration, refugees, and the poor.


Join us this SUNDAY!! We start our new series for the term, ONE. Always wanted to know what it means to be pro-life & what the church has to say about it, join us to find out. We want you all there for a FUN packed evening.
⚠️Please remember there is no 5:30pm mass



  The porn industry has taken over so much of our daily interactions, and has manipulated our ways of viewing the world. We see this in the way that individuals are being objectified everyday and how desensitized we have become to inappropriate content in movies and television shows. Porn addiction is a legitimate issue that many young people are facing, if you are one of these young people try downloading the VICTORY app and visiting for some secret cyber assistance. If you are looking for some more personal interaction remember that the Life Teen facilitator’s are very willing to have a chat and some tea if you need.