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We have had an amazing term but now it’s time for EXAMS. We will keep all of our teens in our prayers, hoping to hear good things in term 3.

Hopefully you go into exams feeling like this:

Image result for exams gif

And not this:

Image result for exams gif

All that’s left to say is go to church, eat your veggies, don’t do drugs AND always keep the faith.

While you are jonesing for some Jesus check out this blog post and more like it right here.

Pro tip: Eat more bran.


  The porn industry has taken over so much of our daily interactions, and has manipulated our ways of viewing the world. We see this in the way that individuals are being objectified everyday and how desensitized we have become to inappropriate content in movies and television shows. Porn addiction is a legitimate issue that many young people are facing, if you are one of these young people try downloading the VICTORY app and visiting for some secret cyber assistance. If you are looking for some more personal interaction remember that the Life Teen facilitator’s are very willing to have a chat and some tea if you need.